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How does the New Promoter Registration Process work?
  1. Completely fill out the Registration Form above and click the "Submit Request" button.
  2. Your information is added to our Promoter Database, and within a few minutes, our server will send an email (to the email address you provided) containing your Promoter ID Number and Password.
  3. Whenever you wish to submit events, simply enter your Promoter ID and Password. You will not need to enter your contact information.
  4. Initially, our staff will review submissions from newly registered promoters, but after a brief probationary period, submissions are posted directly to the internet with no delays.
Why are we asking Tournament Promoters to Register?
  1. Registration helps insure the accuracy of listings by not allowing anonymous individuals to submit fake events. When site information is accurate, everyone benefits.
  2. Registration saves Promoter's the effort of re-entering contact information every time they submit a new event.
  3. Registration allows Promoters to directly update events that they submitted. Since your events are linked to your Promoter ID, we can be sure that the person submitting the event is the one updating it.
  4. Registration allows you to change your contact information once, and automatically update these changes to every event linked to your Promoter ID.

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