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Q: How do Promoters Sign up for Online Pre-Registration?
A: Firstly, to make use of Online Pre-Registration, you must have a Full Listing. Since competitors will be entering Division Codes and/or Division Descriptions, they must have ready access to a Full Brochure to obtain this information. Without an online brochure, online registration simply doesn't work.

  1. When entering your Full Listing Information or when Renewing an existing Full Listing, Check the "Online Registration w/Credit Card Payment" Option.
  2. Once your credit card payment has been successfully processed, return to the Karate Tournament Central Home Page and click the "Update" button under the 'Promoters' heading.
  3. Enter your Promoter ID and Password in the provided space and click the 'Submit Request' button. Once your ID and Password have been validated, you will recieve a Promoter Maintenance screen. Scroll to the bottom of this screen to the List of Events you have submitted. In the rightmost column of the event list is an 'UPDATE' link.
  4. Click the word 'UPDATE' to the right of the event you enrolled in Online Pre-Registration.
  5. You will recieve an update screen, similar to the New Event Entry Screen. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and Click the "Registration" button.
  6. The next screen is your Registration Control Screen which allows you to establish your registration information and view data on competitors that have enrolled. Initially, you will need to complete the top portion of this screen with your regstration fees and control parameters.
  7. Complete all applicable fields and Click the "Save Changes" button to save your new information.
    a. The Event Name and Date are automatically completed for you.
    b. The Registration Cutoff Date is the calendar date you want the system to STOP accepting online registration forms.
    c. The Bottom Section of the form contains the credit card details and is used to process the competitors payment. For security reasons, this information is never saved on any system database.
    d. The Base Amount, Base Event Count, and Per Additional Event fields are required and should NOT be left blank. If you charge $40 for the first 2 events and $10 for each additional event you would complete these fields as follows:
    Base Amount: 40.00
    Base Event Count: 2
    Per Additional Event: 10.00
    e. Special Events 1 through 5 are provided for events and options that don't fit the previously described fees. Examples of these type items might include: Team Fighting, Video Taping Passes, and Coaches Passes. These fields are optional and may be left blank if not needed.
    f. Check Name and at least one Check Address Line are Required. This information is used to write and mail your pre-registration checks. If the address is incorrect, your checks may be delayed or not reach you at all.
  8. If you're hosting your own website, our technical staff will email you instructions on linking to the appropriate online registration forms. If we are building and hosting your brochure, we will add an "Online Pre-Registration" button at the bottom of your brochure.
Q: How do Competitors Pre-Register Online?
A: If we are building and hosting your brochure, we will add an "Online Pre-Registration" button at the bottom of your brochure. When a competitor has viewed your brochure and clicks on the flashing "Online Pre-Registration" button, they will be directed through the following steps:
  1. Competitors will receive a 3 part online pre-registration form.
    a. The Top Section of the form contains the competitors personal details: Name, Address, Belt Rank, School, Etc.
    b. he Middle Section contains the Release Statement and the Division Registration Information. As a competitor enters divisions and selects other registration items, the system automatically calculates the Total Registration Fee based on the parameters set by the Promoter.
    c. The Bottom Section of the form contains the credit card details and is used to process the competitors payment. For security reasons, this information is never saved on any system database.
  2. When the application form is complete the Competitor will click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the form.
  3. Our Server will submit the competitor's credit card information for bank processing and wait for the banks completion response.
  4. If the credit card is rejected, the competitor will be returned to the completed application forms and will be given the opportunity to enter another credit card number. They may also write down thier application reference number, which is displayed on the screen, and return to thier application at a later time to enter new payment details.
  5. When a competitors payment has been successfully processed, they will receive a screen that allows them to print a paper copy of thier application. On this screen, they are given instructions to sign the application and bring it with them to the event. Printed applications are marked as PAID and contain a credit card transaction reference number.
  6. Paid competitors are also sent an email with a link to the printable application, allowing them to re-print the application again should the original copy be lost or destroyed.
  7. When and unpaid competitor returns to the registration form, he or she will find a link at the top of the blank form that will allow them to retrieve the previously entered information. Please Note that Tsoft Does Not Store any credit card information so new credit card details must be entered each time a competitor returns to his or her application.
  8. Once the Cutoff date that you specified has passed, competitors will no longer be granted access to the registration form. Instead, they will receive a message that pre-registration was closed on the cutoff date.
Q: How do you receive your Pre-Registration funds?
A: Once each week, Tsoft extracts all newly paid applications, deducts the bank's credit card processing fee (3.5%) and forwards the remaining amount to you in a single check, mailed to the address you specified in the Online Pre-Registration Setup Screen.
Q: How do things work at the event? (Tournament Procedures)
A: The same screen that you used to enter your Online Pre-Registration Setup Information, allows you to view and print competitor applications and lists. The exact sequence of events is, of course, under your control, but will general go something like this:
  1. The bottom portion of the screen contains a list of all competitor registration forms. Paid registrations will contain a "Y" in the PAID column.
  2. In the rightmost column of this list you will see the word "VIEW". Clicking this link will display a printable copy of the selected pre-registration form. While printing these forms is optional for the promoter, we do recommend that a copy of each paid application be printed to protect against competitors who lost or forgot thier copy of the application.
  3. A link is available at the bottom of the screen to display a printable checklist of the competitor applications.
  4. The day of the event, the competitor will report to the registration desk and present his signed online application, they will then receive thier ring cards or wristbands and be checked off the printed list.

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