October 6, 2015
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  By State:
 #1 North Carolina 20 
 #2 Maryland 12 
 #3 South Carolina 9 
 #4 Louisiana 6 
 #5 Pennsylvania 6 
  By Organization:
 #1 SKI 9 
 #2 UMAA 9 
 #3 WKU 8 
 #4 NASKA 6 
 #5 NBL 4 
  By Month:
 October 2015 41 
 November 2015 23 
 December 2015 1 
 January 2016 6 
 February 2016 8 
 Most Recent:  USKA Louisiana State Championships (Louisiana Tech University, LA)
 Added: 10/1/2015
 Most Popular:  33rd Annual Battle of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
 with 3135 Hits
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 Jiu-Jitsu  Jeet Kune Do
 Kempo  Krav Maga
 Kung Fu  Tae Kwon Do
 Tang Soo Do  Not Listed

Karate is considered a fighting art, and many people ranging from amateurs to professionals practice Karate for a variety of reasons. Self-defense, competition, health, mental and spiritual development are just some of these reasons. Karate is known as a Martial Art developed in Japan, and across the globe. Some martial arts now have made it to the Olympics some of which utilize karate techniques. The sport is now so popular that you can even place bets at UK online betting sites particularly in the UFC where it`s a fighting style that is often used. Here you can find more information on Karate Tournaments being held by state, organization and date.

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