September 20, 2014
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Karate Tournament Central
  By State:
 #1 North Carolina 22 
 #2 Florida 15 
 #3 Maryland 11 
 #4 Pennsylvania 8 
 #5 Louisiana 7 
  By Organization:
 #1 SKI 15 
 #2 KickUSA 14 
 #3 NASKA 11 
 #4 DOJO 7 
 #5 UMAA 7 
  By Month:
 September 2014 23 
 October 2014 34 
 November 2014 21 
 December 2014 5 
 January 2015 5 
 Most Recent:  All Region Championship Weekend (Viera, FL)
 Added: 9/19/2014
 Most Popular:  NBL/SKI Super Grands 2014 (Buffalo, NY)
 with 1102 Hits
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